3 Ways You Can Spoil Your Groomsmen Rotten

3 Ways You Can Spoil Your Groomsmen Rotten

When we stop to think about the people in our lives who have made us who we are, it is easy to consider the more obvious ones, such as parents and grandparents. What about the guys who not only proved themselves available during critical times of your life, but also unnervingly reliable? Maybe it’s your younger brother who really knows how to keep a secret. Perhaps you’re thinking of that buddy who bailed you out in third grade and you’ve been thick as thieves since then. Regardless of why, they are something pretty special to you. Especially with all they have done to help you prepare for the big day, it can make you feel good to know there is a way to say “thanks for everything” without all of the unnecessary frills.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Sometimes we can get so caught up with planning a celebration that we forget the ones that are there to help you keep your sanity. From last-minute planning to attending pre-wedding events, the groomsman is there practically every step of the way. Even something simple, like a card with your exact sentiments scribbled in it, can be seen as an easy, yet effective method of showing your friends just how much you appreciate them.

Shower Them with Attention...and Snacks!

Even specialty diets and restrictions can limit what some people can consume, but fortunately there is almost always something that they can have. Whether it is their favorite dark chocolate sea-salted amaretto-covered roasted pecans that you can only get from that one website, or just keeping them in stock with their preferred drink of choice, presenting them with such a gift can show you care by remembering what they enjoy the most.

Why Not Both? Gifts That Keep Giving

Even after little gestures of appreciation, you may still be feeling that you’d really like to present them with something special. The best way to achieve this could be with a personalized gift as a reminder of how grateful you are. A flask with their initials might be seen as a useful gift, while perhaps a monogrammed mug to sip their favorite beer from is also considerate, as well. When selected with your groomsman’s interests in mind, it can be easy to choose something he will enjoy.

If you have an idea for something they would like, or have no clue where to even begin, check out our lists for inspiration. We feel certain we can get you exactly what you’re looking for!