A Guide To Wedding Thank-You Notes

A Guide To Wedding Thank-You Notes

A Guide To Wedding Thank-You Notes

With all the flurry of wedding excitement, it can be hard to settle down and write thank-you notes. Couples frequently become overwhelmed, and the process of giving thanks turns into a daunting task. Sending thank-you notes promptly is not only proper wedding etiquette, but it is also a way to express gratitude to the people who helped make your wedding a special occasion.

Beginning with your engagement announcement and throughout your wedding events, many people have contributed to your particular time in life. These people may have given you gifts, hosted showers and parties, and participated in your wedding in other meaningful ways. The list of people to thank can grow quite long, which is why it is best practice to take the process of writing thank-you notes one step at a time.

Gather Addresses In One Spot

Keep a running list of your family, friends, and others who have contributed to your wedding in one designated spot. If you have lists of mailing addresses online, in your phone contacts, and on paper scattered about, the process of writing thank-you notes will be stalled before it even gets off the ground.

Begin gathering contact information early and placing it into one easily accessed file that you can continue to add to as needed. This will allow you to mark off whom you have thanked and who still needs to be sent a note.

Make Your List And Check It Twice

Begin making your thank-you list by starting at the very beginning and ending post-wedding. This list should include each person who attends your wedding celebrations, sends gifts, hosts events, and participates in making your day special. While you may have many more people to thank, you will want to make sure the following people receive thank-you notes.

*         Engagement party host

*         Attendees of engagement party

*         Bridal shower(s) hosts

*         Attendees of bridal showers

*         People who gave shower/wedding gifts

*         Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

*         Your officiants

*         Ceremony participants/musicians

*         Wedding vendors

*         Your parents

*         Anyone who contributed financially to the wedding day

Stay Organized

Ideally, thank-you notes should be sent no later than three months from the event’s date or gift-giving. You can easily keep track of who you need to thank by writing the notes in groupings correlating each event. Complete each group before moving on to the next, and keep your completed lists to ensure that you have covered everyone.

Set Aside Time

Weddings are busy, and at times overwhelming, it is essential to make time for writing thank-you notes when you can devote full concentration to the task. Clear your schedule and have your notes, addresses, and lists in hand. Once you begin writing, you will develop a rhythm that will quickly complete this vital part of the wedding experience.