All Of It Matches

All Of It Matches

Buying groomsmen's gifts is a uniquely fun process. You're getting a set of things that promotes the idea of your cadre of groomsmen as an unbeatable team, with unbreakable bonds and a collective personality match.






It's part of the imaginative spectacle of a wedding – to gather together your merry men, and equip them with personalized gift gear as you anticipate making that matrimonial bond.






Here are some of the most popular items in our groomsmen's catalog…






Glasses, Mugs and Accessories






If it's merry tavern drinking you’re wanting to facilitate, we have glasses and steins that we can personalize for each of your boys.






We also have flasks and bottle openers, and other hints that a wild night of debauchery is in the offing. Some of these will be items that your groomsmen will cherish for years to come.






Cuff Links and Money Clips






If references to alcohol-fueled partying are verboten for any reason, you can choose from some of these monogrammed gifts that instead promote an image of power and responsibility. Cuff links are cool for guys who like to wear expensive shirts (though other gents might find them confounding to use) and money clips help you to keep your loose cash in apple-pie shape. Both are small enough to fit in an envelope, and high-quality enough to be respectable gifts for your groomsmen.






Staff Picks






What do our people consider the most useful and attractive groomsmen's gifts in the catalog? Of course, that’s in the eye of the beholder – but if you’re undecided, having a second opinion can be useful. We’re here to help!






One item that gets a lot of attention is our multi-pocket duffel bag, in which you can haul of your other stuff around. We would agree that something like this is abundantly useful and uniquely likely to help your guys out as they roam about.






This is just some of what's in our extensive groomsmen's catalog that we put together for fun and easy Internet shopping as you're approaching your big day. We know that you have tons of other details to take care of, from the bartender and the DJ to the tables and chairs, (not to mention making sure that the venue booking is 100% solid and will allow you to party as long as you want to) so we want to make this part of your journey as convenient as possible. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions and have fun shopping!