Bridal Party Roles: What Will The Groomsmen And Ushers Do During A Wedding?

Bridal Party Roles: What Will The Groomsmen And Ushers Do During A Wedding?


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Weddings can be exciting and stressful. While most people have a general idea of what happens during the ceremony, many details might not be obvious. As a guest in the background, you may notice that everything seems to go smoothly. Everyone seems to know where they should be, and each step is completed in the proper order. That can make it even more intimidating when your best friend or relative asks you to be your first wedding.

It’s Ok to Ask Questions Before the Wedding

First, it’s ok to ask questions if you aren’t sure about something. Each wedding is different. Even those that follow a very traditional structure may have nuances that aren’t the same. Communication is essential when preparing for your friend or family member’s big day. Make sure you understand what your role is and what is expected of you. The information listed below is a general list of duties for each role. You should still consult the bride and groom to see if they have any special requests.

What Does the Best Man Do?

Being the best man is a tremendous honor. That honor comes with more responsibilities, so be prepared to put in some work. You may be asked to assist with choosing the wedding attire and coordinating the groomsmen’s rentals if needed. You will also be expected to organize the bachelor party and be the groom’s go-to man for support. You should help the groom stay focused and reassured during this major life event.

You will also be expected to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. You may choose to make a toast during the dinner, but this will be low-key compared to what you should plan for the reception.

On the day of the event, you should already be acquainted with the wedding party and ushers. Watch the clock and help the groom stay on schedule, so he arrives at the ceremony on time. You may also need to help wrangle groomsmen and welcome guests. You will most likely hold the wedding rings and serve as a witness for the marriage license signing.

At the reception, it is customary for the best man to give a toast to the new couple, participate in dances, and be ready to assist in case of unexpected emergencies. You should ask if the bride and groom need help gathering and storing gifts during the event. They may need you to collect those items, or they may have something else in place.

When the wedding and reception have concluded, you should take care of the groom’s clothing when he changes and make sure all vendors have been paid. You may also assist with coordinating transportation for the couple and returning rented tuxes.

What Does the Groomsman Do?

Being a groomsman is also important. Depending on the size of the wedding, you may be the only groomsman, or you may be one of several. You should also be available to the groom in case he needs moral or emotional support. This is a huge change in his life, so he may feel anxious or stressed. He needs his best friends and family to be there to show their love and support.

You should make sure that you get measured for your tux as soon as possible. You will also be expected to attend all pre-wedding events like the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. While the best man is generally in charge of the bachelor party, you should be there to help plan and pay for it.

You should give a wedding gift to the couple as well. It’s important to consider this when planning your expenses.

If there are no ushers, you may need to show guests to their seats. You may also have to hold the rings if there is no best man or other groomsmen in the bridal party. You will also dance during the reception and should assist with transporting gifts and the couple’s personal items after the event.

What Does the Usher Do?

Ushers are usually a male friend or relative of the couple. It’s not as intense of a role as the best man or groomsman, making it a great choice for someone who wants to participate but doesn’t want a list of responsibilities. Your main task is to show guests to their seats before the ceremony.

You should be available to assist people in getting out of their vehicles and into the church or venue. You should also know about the parking arrangements so that you can show guests where to park.

In some cases, you may need to take guests to their seats, especially when dealing with notable people like grandparents. Others you may be able to direct to a general seating area where they can choose a place to sit. You should stand at the back of the venue to guide latecomers who arrive after the ceremony has started. You will also hand out order of service sheets or anything else the bride and groom would like their guests to have.

You may be asked to assist with arranging chairs and general setup before the event. You should know where facilities like restrooms are so you can help guests if needed. Be prepared to provide basic supplies like water or tissues for guests or the bridal party.

What About the Father of the Groom?

The father of the groom plays a role in the festivities. He should make sure that he has his measurements taken and tux ordered as soon as possible. He will also be needed at the rehearsal. It is traditional for the groom’s family to organize the rehearsal dinner, so the father of the groom will be the host for that part of the celebration.

The groom may appreciate his father’s presence on the morning of the wedding to show support and spend time together. The father of the groom will walk the groom’s mother down the aisle. If the groom’s parents are divorced, then the father will likely escort his wife instead.

The father of the groom should participate in the receiving line if one is planned and be prepared to give a toast at the reception.

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