Groomsmen Gift Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Groomsmen Gift Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Gift giving for any occasion is stressful. What to get, how you should give the gift, how much you should spend, when to give the gift, or even if a gift is appropriate – these are all challenging questions to answer. Things get even more complicated when the gift-giving revolves around your upcoming wedding. 

Don’t worry. There’s good news. When it comes to weddings, there’s a tried-and-true etiquette that you can follow to help make things easier. Keep reading to learn what these etiquette tips are and how they can help you make the right decision. 

Your Responsibility as the Groom

As the groom, it’s your responsibility to provide a gift to your best man, the groomsmen, along with any other male members of your wedding party. This is going to include the ushers, ring-bearer, and others. It will depend on your particular plans. 

There are several reasons you should give your wedding entourage gifts. While one of the most common reasons to bestow these gifts is to thank these individuals for their support, help, and more during your big day, there are others. It’s also a memorable occasion. This means that giving them some type of personalized gift that reminds them of your friendship during this huge milestone in your life is the main goal. 

The Hierarchy of Gift Giving for Groomsmen 

There is somewhat of a hierarchy to the gift-giving process. For the best man, you should give them something that’s somewhat better than what is given to the groomsmen. The gifts you give to the groomsmen should be a bit nicer than what you give your ushers. For example, give your best man monogrammed cufflinks, groomsmen monogrammed whiskey glasses, and ushers monogrammed neckties (or something along these lines). 

According to etiquette best practices, you should give your groomsmen their gifts during your rehearsal dinner or bachelor dinner. You can leave these on the dinner table, at each person’s seat, or hand out the gifts personally. Keep in mind, what you get your groomsmen is dependent on who they are and what you can afford

Finding Appropriate Gifts 

Be sure the gifts you choose are appropriate for the occasion. For example, if your best man is a vegetarian, don’t buy them a fishing set. Also, make sure you don’t purchase your sober groomsmen a flask for whiskey. While these types of gifts can be ideal for the right people, there are other types of gifts that are right for everyone, such as pocket knives, money clips, or keychains. 

If you want to purchase the right gifts for your groomsmen and best man, be sure to find the right options. This is going to help ensure the people that are giving you their time and support feel the appreciation you have for this. It’s also a good idea to find a quality seller, as this will help ensure the best products are purchased and that you find quality items that are offered at an affordable price.