How Much Will Your Groomsmen Spend On Your Wedding Day?

How Much Will Your Groomsmen Spend On Your Wedding Day?

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is that weddings are expensive. What is considered expensive will vary from one couple to the next. No matter what your budget, planning your big day will likely put a dent in your bank account. But the bride and groom aren’t the only ones who must figure out how to pay for their wedding day. Your groomsmen and best man will also be on the hook for a hefty sum.

Groomsmen’s Tuxes Cost More on Average Than Bridesmaids’ Gown

Most people assume that the bridesmaids and maid of honor will have to pay more to buy a dress for a wedding. According to a survey, the average tuxedo will cost your groomsmen $245.50 while the average bridesmaid’s gown comes to $214.58.

The survey also revealed that younger groomsmen tend to pay more for their wedding attire than older groomsmen, despite having a lower average income. Men between the ages of 18 and 24 pay the most for a tux with an average cost of $314.26. According to Census Bureau data, the average monthly income for men in that age group is $1,311. Meanwhile, older men had an average monthly income of $4,413 yet paid an average of $205.90 on their tuxes.

The Price of Pre-Wedding Partying

The bachelor party is another big part of weddings in the United States. The groom doesn’t usually pay anything for this event (unless the party is taking place out of town where accommodations and airfare must be covered). This adds another chunk of cash onto the best man and groomsmen’s tabs. This is also another area where the men in the wedding party tend to pay more on average than the women.

The average groomsman pays $681.13 on the bachelor party while the average bridesmaid pays $437.31. The best man ended up paying an average of $998.78 for this part of the event. The average bridesmaid pays $386.89 while the maid of honor pays $552.33.

Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Then there are the gifts. Even though your bridesmaids and groomsmen are already investing a lot of time and money into your event, they often still give a gift. Approximately 25% of gifts purchased by the bridal party cost more than $200. Around 20% of bridesmaids and 31% of groomsmen surveyed spent at least that much on the happy couple.

The difference may stem from the fact that the groomsmen were more inclined to give a set amount in cash while bridesmaids tended to buy from the wedding gift registry. This gave the ladies more options when it comes to price point.

Everything Else for the Wedding

Other odds and ends can add up quickly. Members of the bridal party will likely need to pay for makeup and hair services, jewelry, accessories, and more. Around 16% of groomsmen and 12% of bridesmaids said that they paid over $500 on extras for the event. Others were a little more frugal. Approximately 52% of groomsmen and 58% of bridesmaids manage to keep the extra costs down to under $200. That’s still a generous sum to pay after adding up all the other costs involved with being a part of a friend or family member’s event.

Tips for Keeping Wedding Costs Down for Groomsmen

Bring appreciative and considerate will help make the event easier for your groomsmen. The following tips can save your groomsmen a lot of money on your big day.

  • Instead of tuxes, consider allowing groomsmen to wear suits with matching ties
  • Plan early to give groomsmen plenty of time to budget and comparison shop as needed
  • Talk to your groomsmen about a budget-friendly bachelor party at an affordable venue
  • Provide economical options when accommodations are needed

Groomsmen Gifts That Will Keep Their Costs Down

Another way to help your groomsmen save is by buying a gift that they can use. Consider giving them a pair of personalized cufflinks that will put the finishing touches on their tux or suit. It will be one less thing that they will have to buy, and it will serve as a long-lasting keepsake they can use after the wedding. You can also find other functional gifts like flasks and lighters or money clips to help them prepare.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids pay a lot for a wedding. Make sure you let them know that you appreciate their contribution to your celebration with a great gift. Groomsmen Gift Store can help you get started with a variety of items they will love at affordable prices.