10 Ingenious Ideas on How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet

10 Ingenious Ideas on How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet

A wedding is one of the most memorable and precious occasions in a person's life. Therefore, every element of this occasion should be treasured and remembered. Though photographs keep memories alive, preserving your wedding elements is entirely different and feels unique.

Wouldn't it be nice to preserve the wedding bouquet you walked down the aisle with? Or to keep it as a precious memento of your hard work, struggle, expense, and all hassle of the preparations. To encase such wonderful feelings and memories you must know how to preserve a wedding bouquet like a Pro. Following are the 10 Ingenious Ideas On How To Preserve Wedding Bouquet.

#1 Press in Frames (Easy and Inexpensive)

The easiest and simplest way to preserve your wedding bouquet is to press the flowers, buds, and stocks of your bouquet in a sheet. Most often pressing is done in between wax sheets or wax papers. Furthermore, you can also preserve your wedding bouquet flowers in an old book or between papers of your file. After a week or two, check if the flowers are completely dry.

 Now you have many options to preserve your wedding bouquet. You can either affix it in a wooden frame, photo frame, decoration piece, book, chart paper, or in a wall hanging.

#2 Freeze Dried Bouquets (Slow and Expensive)

It is by far the most expensive method of preserving a bouquet, although the bouquet will retain its original beauty. Choosing this option will require the help of a professional. Find out if your wedding florist can recommend someone. In the process of freeze-drying, the experts first spray the starch solution onto the flowers.

 Then, the bouquet or individual flowers are placed in a freeze dryer where they are frozen and then subjected to drying. Freeze-drying is a process for removing moisture from solids and converting it into vapors. This process is expensive and is very slow, may take up to 3 months for the best results.

#3 Air Dry Wedding Flowers (Natural and Easy)

Another simple and easy method is to let the wedding flowers of your wedding bouquet air dry naturally. For this purpose, untie your bouquet and remove the ribbon, embellishments, and floral tapes. For effective air-drying, let the individual floral stems hang down in a dry and temperate room.

 Keep in mind that the humidity level of the air must be as low as possible. You can get the best results in almost three weeks. Moreover, you can create beautiful terrace hangings or wreaths from the air-dried flowers of your wedding bouquet.

 #4 Affix in Resin Boards (Most Creative Way)

Are you wondering what’s the most creative and cost-effective idea on how to preserve wedding bouquet? There is no better option than epoxy resin. A very simple method involves building a plastic frame first. Then, place the flowers, buds, leaves, and stocks randomly in the plastic frame.

 Afterward, carefully pour the resin mixed with the hardener in accurate proportion. Blow the air or spray to remove any bubbles in the resin layer and let it harden. The acquired shape of the resin board will depend on the shape of the plastic frame.

● Resin Bouquet Pendants

Following the simple method as explained above, you can make cute and beautiful pendants as well. Just put a small flower bud of your wedding bouquet and fill the resin in the frame of the locket. Let it dry and wear your wedding floral pendant.

● Resin Bouquet Paperweights

Likewise, you can make exquisite and useful paperweights. You can make paperweights of any shape that ultimately depends on the geometry of the frame you opt for. A very unique design is to make balls that preserve your wedding flowers.

 For this purpose, you can choose a plastic globe and fill it with flowers. Then, add resin, attach the other half of the ball frame. Evenly spread the resin and let it affix. Remove the plastic ball case to get the prettiest paperweights.

#5 Dip Them in Silica

 Silica gel is porous sand that absorbs moisture and dries the flowers in about a week. Using this method, your flowers will look as close as possible to when they were at your wedding.

 You can easily buy silica gel from any stationary shop or craft store at quite an affordable cost. Put your blooms in an airtight container with silica gel and bury them in the sand. Make sure your container is sealed tight to prevent moisture entry and mold growth. In addition, silica gel helps preserve the vibrant colors of the blooms. You can spray the flowers with hairspray or fixative after the week is over.

#6 Photo Memory

A very quick way is to take an HD picture of your wedding bouquet with a high-end camera. You can then, use that photograph to make a photo frame, wall hanging, and a diary of photographs.

● Wedding Album

You can place the images of your wedding bouquet in the transparent sheet pockets of the wedding album. Furthermore, air-dried flowers and blooms can also be placed in the place of images and sealed with Scotch tape

#7 Paint Your Wedding Bouquet

Be an artist and paint the picture of your wedding bouquet. You can either paint it on the wall of your bedroom, on a canvas, or on chart paper to make a beautiful memory. In addition, you can use watercolor and oil pastels to make the floral arrangement stand out loud.

#8 Embroided Bouquet

How about making a hand embroidery of your wedding bouquet on a cloth? You can hire an expert or can use your crafting skills to make an exquisite embroidered wedding bouquet. A great idea is to make the pattern on a shirt, gown, frock, or on a cloth that you can frame as wall art.

#9 Wax Preservation

In a saucepan, melt paraffin wax and allow it to cool a little bit. Put one flower head at a time into the wax, dunk until it is completely coated, then pull it out and let it hang to dry. This process will not preserve your wedding bouquet just as the other methods do. Nevertheless, the approximate preservation time is about half a year. Moreover, the process is complicated and requires a lot of practice so it’s best to consult an expert florist or a wax artist.

Wedding Bouquet

#10 Preserve Petals in Books

Be a romantic lover and let the petals of your wedding bouquet flowers preserve in books, dictionaries, and diaries. Write beautiful quotes to make lovely wedding notes and enjoy beautiful memories forever.