Important Information about Buying and Giving Bridesmaids Gifts

Important Information about Buying and Giving Bridesmaids Gifts

When you get married, your bridesmaids put time and effort into ensuring your wedding day is everything you hoped that it would be. This means you want to give something back, right?

Giving gifts to your bridal party is a great way to say thank you; however, finding the right gift can be challenging. While this is true, there are some tips to help you find the perfect gifts for your bridal party. Keep reading to learn what these tips are. 

When to Shop for Bridesmaid Gifts 

There are no set rules regarding when to shop for your bridesmaid's gifts. However, as with any part of planning your wedding, the earlier you can do it, the better. 

As your big day gets closer, your attention and time will be focused on all the last-minute decisions. You will likely be anxious and flustered, which means the less stress, the better. As a general rule, you need to begin shopping for your bridesmaid's gifts a minimum of one or two months before your wedding. 

If you provide a few month's buffer, you will have time to find something fabulous. Remember to think about your bridesmaid's gifts when you create your own wedding registry and look online for good deals on fun gift items. If you find something appropriate, do not wait to get a few gifts out of the way. 

What to Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts

The amount you can spend on your bridesmaid's gifts is dependent on your wedding budget. With that in mind, this is not an area where you should economize. It is important to remember that your bridal party is putting their time and effort into your wedding – you want to make sure you show them how appreciative you are. 

Something you should keep in mind is how much money your bridal party is contributing to your wedding. For example, are they buying their own dresses, booking hotels, or paying for a flight? They will also be spending money on your bridal shower and bachelorette party. 

Shopping for the bridesmaid gifts does not mean you have to spend what they do; however, you should spend appropriately. On average, you can expect to spend between $75 and $150 per bridesmaid. It is only natural to spend a little more on your maid of honor – after all, she is a key figure in your wedding party and has a lot of responsibility.

What You Should Give

Deciding what to give your bridesmaids is no easy task, and it is something that requires some thought and consideration. While this is true, you want to find something they would appreciate and that they will use. 

Buying bridesmaid's gifts should not be stressful. If you use the tips and information here, you can enjoy this process and ensure you get gifts that your bridal party will love. Remember, there is no right and wrong gift, but you can put time and effort into the gift to ensure the right one is found and purchased.