Making Memories: 3 Activities You and Your Groomsmen Should Take Part In

Making Memories: 3 Activities You and Your Groomsmen Should Take Part In

Nearly 90% of Americans will get married during their lifetime. Once you have popped the question and your soulmate agrees to marry you, the next step is planning the wedding. Choosing the right venue, making a guest list, and choosing your groomsmen are all part of this planning process. While the wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming at times, it is worth the stress you endure. 

Interjecting some fun into the days leading up to your wedding is a must. This is why scheduling activities with your groomsmen is a must. Below are some great activities that you and your groomsmen need to think about taking part in. 

1. Schedule a Trip to the Barbershop

Making sure you and your groomsmen look your absolute best on the day of the wedding is important. This is why scheduling a group trip to a local barbershop is a great idea. During this trip, you can your groomsmen can get your hair cut or get a professional shave. If this sounds like an activity you want to participate in, you need to make an appointment well in advance. 

Most barbershops have very limited capacity. This means that you will need to schedule your appointment a month or so in advance. Waiting until the last minute to make this appointment can lead to big problems. The last thing you want is to be unable to get an appointment due to procrastination, which is why getting an early jump is vital. 

2. Have a Few Drinks With Your Groomsmen

Selecting the right people to be your groomsmen will not be easy. Typically, the groomsmen you choose will be close friends who you have a history with. Giving your groomsmen customized gifts is customary. If you and your friends like to have the occasional drink, gifting each of them a leather flask or a classy decanter is imperative. 

Having a drink with your groomsmen on the day of your wedding is also a great way to loosen up and calm your nerves. Kicking back and having some drinks with your best friends will also allow you to make a few memories, which is what your wedding day should be about. 

3. Eat a Delicious Meal

Getting married on an empty stomach is a horrible idea. Instead of making this mistake, you need to schedule a hearty meal for you and your groomsmen. In most cases, it is best to get this meal delivered to the wedding venue. Luckily, there are a number of restaurants that can deliver the food you and your groomsmen crave. 

When trying to get the right meal, you need to talk with your groomsmen. Taking a poll allows you to figure out what type of food your group will enjoy. 

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