Wedding Planning on a Budget: How to Save on Your Groomsmen Gifts

Wedding Planning on a Budget: How to Save on Your Groomsmen Gifts

Getting engaged is exciting! There’s so much to look forward to from the celebration to enjoying life as a married couple. Amid all the excitement, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Paying for everything can be a challenge. For many, it’s one of the first big challenges you’ll face together as a couple. Don’t worry. There are easy ways to make sure that you stay within your spending limit without skimping on your big day. The following guide will help you find the perfect best man and groomsmen gifts without overspending.

Budget First and Then Browse for Gifts

Shopping for groomsmen gifts is fun while budgeting is not. It is something that still must be done. You should work out your wedding budget with your significant other before you do any shopping. Break it down so that you have spending limits for every item – from big things like the reception venue rental to small things like the wedding favors. Once you know how much is allotted to the best man and groomsmen gifts, you should break it down a little further to a per-person limit. Know how much you can spend on each groomsman and your best man. Some people spend more on the best man because this role is usually more demanding. If you plan on doing this, make sure you account for it when figuring out how much to spend on each groomsman.

Start Shopping Early to Save on Shipping and More

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for groomsmen gifts. The less time you have, the less selective you can be about what you buy. That might mean choosing a more expensive item because you don’t have time to look for something cheaper that meets your requirements. There is also the shipping factor to consider. When buying online, you most likely will have to
pay for shipping. If you need something expedited, the shipping fee will be much higher. Some shops offer free shipping, but it often only applies to their slowest option. It may not be quick enough to arrive if you wait until the last minute. Shop early so that you have the biggest selection and won’t have to pay excessive shipping fees.

Smaller Gifts Are Special with Personalization

You can make a small gift feel extra special with personalization. Even though you didn’t spend a fortune and the item isn’t extravagant, it will still be memorable and special to your recipient. For example, our brown leather can cooler includes up to two lines of engraving. You can add your groomsman’s name and wedding date or a short quote that’s meaningful to both of you. Other budget-friendly options include a personalized magnetic money clip, Ferdinand mug, or a
mirror flask.

Save with Gift Sets That Include Multiple Items

Buying multiple items can get expensive, especially if you aren’t buying in bulk quantities. Instead, look for gift sets that include more than one item. You could order a personalized flask and lighter gift set for each groomsman or a matte black flask and shot glass set for the best man. They get multiple items that they can use during the celebration. Making memories with the gift you gave them will leave a lasting impression. Most gift sets also have the added benefit of arriving in their own ready-to-give packaging. Many include sturdy boxes that keep the items safe and create a beautiful presentation. You won’t have to spend extra money on gift wrapping or packaging.

Buy a Pack and Get Something for Everyone

Along with gift sets, some items come in multiple quantities. This is another great way to save on your groomsmen gifts. Look for something that includes personalization on each item, like a glass flask set. If the wedding party is small, you can turn the extra flasks into gifts for the fathers of the groom and bride or other important people like brothers, uncles, cousins, and more. Include the same personalization for the entire set or request something different, so each gift
feels unique to the recipient.

Join Mailing Lists or Look for Sales and Coupons

You can save even more on your groomsmen gifts by looking for sales, coupons, or special offers. Some shops provide a coupon or entry into a drawing if you sign up for their email list. Groomsmen Gift Store does a monthly drawing for $150 in store credit along with a discount code on your first purchase. Imagine how many gifts you could buy with that much credit! Always look for pop-ups or notes on product pages or the homepage that talk about drawings and offers. Some may also offer bulk discounts when buying a certain quantity of an item. It is possible to find affordable gifts for groomsmen, the best man, and anyone else on your list.
The tips above will help you get started. You can also visit Groomsmen Gift Store to begin your search and find great deals on high-quality keepsakes that they will love.