What Is “Guy Stuff?” Groomsmen’s Gifts for You – and Them

What Is “Guy Stuff?” Groomsmen’s Gifts for You – and Them

If you're looking for an excellent gift for your set of groomsmen, your special friends, your brothers, and compadres, look no further. Groomsmen Gift Store has a vast catalog of neat groomsmen gift items to make your wedding planning easier.

When you think about “guy stuff,” what do you think about? It really depends. You have to know your groomsmen, to some extent. Here are some handy tips for getting those personalized gifts that mean something to your merry crew.

Plan According to Events 

What's happening around your wedding? Are your groomsmen going to some kind of beer or liquor tasting event? Or are you kicking it old school and having a woman jump out of a cake?

We have a variety of drinking themed groomsmen gifts that go along with some of the events that are common around the stag party or wedding receptions. That gives you a chance to get the guys together and give out your gifts in the right setting.

Alternately, maybe you are planning a much more quirky and unique event, and so you can get a different kind of gift. If you’re, for example, planning an “Office Space” themed party for a groom who’s struggling with a stultifying computer job somewhere, you can get the groomsmen something to bash old printers with. “PC load letter??!”

Monogrammed Gifts

Sometimes it's nice to give a gift that’s personalized to the individual. For example, our sets of monogrammed cufflinks are high-quality and sturdy accessories that your groomsmen can love and take care of for years down the road. Other monogrammed items include flasks and glasses and various gifts that we can put their names on.


If your groomsmen are the type who likes to take care of business, take a look at some of our more unique items. You can get your groomsmen's name etched on a hammer so that they can think about your wedding every time they pound nails. Another popular item is the money clip that helps your fellows take care of their cash.

Look for gifts and gear for your groomsmen in a modern e-commerce environment with a shopping cart that's supported by excellent customer service and attention to detail. At Groomsmen Gift Store, we want you to have access to everything that you need right here! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – and happy shopping!