When Should I Give My Groomsmen Gifts?

When Should I Give My Groomsmen Gifts?

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Wedding planning can be pretty hectic. Brides and grooms have a lot to do from contacting and scheduling vendors to figuring out how to pay for it all. And many things must be done in a certain order or within a certain time frame. The best way to get started is to plan your planning. And one of the things you shouldn’t overlook is when you should hand out your groomsmen gifts.

When Should I Start Planning What to Buy for My Groomsmen?

When it comes to planning, there is very little you can do too early. The sooner you start, the easier it will be as your big day approaches. The first step in the groomsmen gift process is figuring out what to buy for your guys. This should be done after you have a wedding budget put together. That way, you’ll know your spending limit so you can choose gifts accordingly.

Try to come up with several options that fall within your estimated price range. For example, if you can’t spend a lot, perhaps go with a personalized .50 caliber bottle opener. They cost less than other items and are still a quality keepsake. Money clips are another great choice that can start as low as under $20.

If you have a little more money to work with, then you could opt for a bigger groomsmen gift. Something with multiple items like a men’s gift set is a great choice. Many come in decorative packaging, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping paper.

When Should I Order My Groomsmen Gifts?

Once you know what you want to buy your groomsmen, it’s time to place the order. It is best to get the order in as early as possible – preferably at least two months before your big day. This will allow ample time for shipping in case of delays. It also gives you some breathing room just in case there are any mistakes or delivery issues.

Pay attention to where your order is shipping from as well. If you buy from an international retailer, then shipping can take weeks or even months because of distance and customs processing times. If you are in the United States, then a retailer within the U.S. will likely offer faster shipping times.

When Should I Give My Groomsmen Their Gifts?

Make sure you inspect your groomsmen gifts before you hand them out. This is especially important if you had any custom engraving done. Verify that names are spelled right, and dates are correct. If you are satisfied with the items, then it’s time to plan when to hand them out.

The rehearsal dinner is a common choice for delivering groomsmen gifts. This is a convenient option because all the guys are there, and it is an important part of the event. You can also give gifts for other men in your wedding party or family if you have them, like dads, grandfathers, and uncles. It adds to the festive nature of the dinner.

You are not required to wait until the rehearsal dinner to give your gifts. If you are planning another event before then, you can always take that opportunity to hand them out. Also, consider what the gifts are when deciding. If you are buying flasks or shot glasses, then you may prefer to do it during the bachelor party. That way, the guys can use their new gifts while you celebrate!

There are no guidelines set in stone when it comes to your groomsmen gifts. No matter when you decide to deliver them, make sure you plan and buy early, so you are ready when the moment comes. These kinds of details will make your wedding even better with more fond memories spent with the most important men in your life. Get started by visiting Groomsmen Gift Store to find great groomsmen gift ideas for any budget.


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