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Six Shooter Whiskey Glass

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Throwback with a classic six-shooter whiskey glass. This groomsman gift was inspired by the famous guns of the Old West. Six grooves are carved along the rim, adding a unique touch to complement the glass’ smooth texture. Each is CNC machined using anodized aluminum, making it sturdy but comfortable. Just add your favorite whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, and you’re ready for a good time with the guys before tying the knot.

Each Colt Revolver shot glass measures 3.75” tall and 3.25” in diameter. Weighs in at just over one pound when filled with 10 ounces of liquid. Custom engraving is available so you can turn this one-of-a-kind whiskey glass into a memorable groomsman gift. Our six-shooter style is also available as a pint glass!