Einstein Pint Glasses
Einstein Pint Glasses
Einstein Pint Glasses

Einstein Pint Glasses

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Think of the smartest, most brilliant person in your life. What would you want to get them as a gift?

Definitely not something boring and uninspired, right ... ? You want something unique—a gift that says a thing or two about the recipient.

And for the Einstein in your life, this is a one-of-a-kind gift that's sure to put a big smile on their face every time they lay eyes on it.

This beautifully designed pint glass is put together by master craftsmen using only the finest materials.

It has intricate, eye-catching graphics dedicated to one of the greatest minds in the history of our world ... Albert Einstein.

Famous across the globe for his scientific discoveries, Einstein is generally considered the single most influential physicist of the 20th century.

And now, with his image printed on your glass, each sip will bring you one step closer to your next big breakthrough.

Here are a few quick facts on this glass:

  • Constructed by master craftsmen using only the finest materials
  • Great, memorable gift to celebrate any occasion
  • More than just an ordinary pint glass—the Einstein graphics make for an excellent display piece and conversation starter
  • Multi-purpose item—also functions as a desktop organizer for storing everyday use items such as pens, etc.

With its intricately designed graphics depicting Einstein's famous equations, this is a pint glass unlike any other.

And that's what makes it a perfect gift for the overachiever in your life ...

Because, just like Einstein's greatest discoveries, this is a timeless piece that can be appreciated for years to come.