Firefighters Wooden Mug

Firefighters Wooden Mug

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Handmade Wooden Mug -

A rustic wooden mug, handmade by master craftsmen using only the finest materials. Excellent as a display piece, or for those times when you wanna have a pint like the heroes of old.

When you're hunting down that perfect gift for your loved one, you know what you need ...

You need a gift that says something about the recipient—something truly revolutionary and eye-opening.

This mug is one such gift.

We've all seen it before. A band of brave adventurers gathered around a table, wooden beer mugs in hand ...

All singing in unison ... winding down after a long, hard day of bold heroics. No one could be more merry.

Except, perhaps, the proud Firefighter in your life when this gift is revealed to them ...

Because, while this mug is an ode to heroes of a bygone era, it also honors the bravest heroes of today within the Fire Department.

Not only is this mug an excellent display piece, adding a dash of rustic beauty to any room ...

But it even comes with a custom, personalized engraving of the Firefighter's Maltese Cross, making it an excellent gift and an eye-opening piece for the Firefighter in your life.

Aside from being plain eye candy ... you can also use it as a desktop organizer to store your pens, etc.

Or if you're made of tough enough stuff, dare to down your beverages in a real man's mug.

Here are a few quick facts on this mug:

  • Handmade by master craftsmen using only the finest materials
  • Great, memorable gift to celebrate any occasion—personalized with a custom engraving that could bring a tear to any Firefighter's eye
  • Excellent display piece, adding a dash of rustic beauty to any room
  • Multi-purpose item—also functions as a desktop organizer for storing everyday use items such as pens, etc.

Finding a great, memorable gift for the Firefighter in your life can be a daunting task ...

But this mug here is the perfect piece to get the job done. Because for these humble few, nothing brings more pride than their badge of honor, the Maltese cross ...

And with a custom engraving of that very symbol on this mug ... just imagine the excitement on their face when your gift is revealed to them!