Golf Ball Decanter

Golf Ball Decanter

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Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans-

The decanter is meticulously handcrafted. The top of the decanter brilliantly hides the pour spout, remove the top, pour and enjoy.

Dimpled Golf Ball Design-

Enjoy the brilliance and beauty of this handcrafted design, when filled, the dimples help create a stunning display for your liquor of choice.

Airtight Glass Stopper -

The ground glass stopper creates a durable airtight seal to last a lifetime. Air will not mix with the purity of the liquor. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated.


Product Dimensions:6x6x5 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Product Volume: 1000ml

Glass: Lead-Free

Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter