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Sports Glasses

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Hand-Blown and Lead-Free

Our whiskey glasses are made to last. They're hand-blown borosilicate glass, making them thicker and more resilient than others, while also remaining lead-free.

  • Intricate, eye-catching design.
  • Meticulously handcrafted.
  • You feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

Football...or perhaps, soccer as you may know it, is a precision sport.

On the field there's an elevated sense of strategy and craft.

No hands. Just footwork and light taps that send a sphere gliding over grass to a friend.

Soccer is a game of endurance, speed, agility, and above all else, competitive friendship.

No long waits. No innings or first downs.

You just get out on the field, run your tail off, and try to score a goal.

You put everything into it. Give it all you'e got. Heart and soul.

Test your metal. Push your body to it's limits. Find out who is truly the best.

And sometimes you get beaten. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes a win slips by. But...

Sometimes it doesn't. And those are the times worth celebrating

Celebrate the win. Celebrate your pride. Celebrate the battle you fought and won.

And what better way to celebrate than an ice cold soccer ball whiskey glass

...shared with a friend or a teammate or maybe even someone from the other side.

  • Guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed
  • Formed of thick, durable glass for daily use
  • Perfect for soccer lovers, players & connoisseurs
  • Comes in a set of 2 soccer-shaped glasses

Comes in a set of two, but we'l sell you more if you bring the whole team.